SCOTUS Majority PAC is committed to helping organize the effort to defeat Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh, who previously worked on the Ken Starr report and in the George W. Bush White House, is estimated to be have a more conservative judicial record than nearly any current Supreme Court justice. His confirmation would continue a decade’s long trend towards a Supreme Court dedicated to the consolidation of power into the hands of conservatives.

The views and loyalties Kavanaugh holds for the conservative movement are enough to make him unacceptable as a Supreme Court Justice. Crucial law governing women’s reproductive rights, labor, redistricting, same-sex marriage, and countless other areas could all be affected by a Justice Kavanaugh willing to overturn long-standing precedent and social consensus.

An analysis of DC Circuit Court en banc voting shows Kavanaugh to be extremely conservative compared to Justices John Roberts or Antonin Scalia. Analysis by Tom Clark, Emory University

Additionally, the Supreme Court is poised to be called on to issue rulings regarding President Donald Trump’s accountability under the law. Kavanaugh has written that he believes sitting presidents should not be subject to criminal prosecutions, and these statements have been confirmed to be part of the Trump administration’s considerations in selecting Kavanaugh. No president who is the subject of a criminal investigation should be allowed to appoint justices that could sway future proceedings.

We plan to fight this nomination by making sure the voices of the public is heard directly by their representatives. We will support candidates who stand up against this bold attempt by Donald Trump to pick the judges of his own criminal matters.

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